That which you are seeking is seeking you. ~ Rumi

A Ministry of the Dominican Sisters

Celebrating this space where love and faith seed hope, healing, and transformation.

A Ministry of the Dominican Sisters

Join us for study, dialogue, and collaboration.

A Ministry of the Dominican Sisters

Still the ordinary rhythms of life with the simplicity of a retreat.

A Ministry of the Dominican Sisters

Welcome to Dominican Center at Marywood

A spirituality and conference center located on the peaceful 34-acre Marywood campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A Ministry of the Dominican Sisters

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Holy Week Retreat ~ Entering the Passion of Jesus (Live Stream)

April 06, 2020 / Monday - April 09, 2020 / Thursday

Holy Week is the ideal time to retreat from one’s ordinary concerns and contemplate the powerful mystery of Jesus’ passion, death...


Receive Daily Blessings (Online)

March 26, 2020 / Thursday - May 01, 2020 / Friday

As we move through together in this mysterious challenging journey, Dominican Center would like to stay in presence. We hope by...


Nurturing Emotional Well-Being in Times of Crisis ~ Tough Skin Soft Heart, with Shannon Cohen (Podcast)

April 02, 2020 / Thursday - May 31, 2020 / Sunday

While the Rest in Hope Retreat, featuring Shannon Cohen as the retreat's keynote speaker, was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis...