Discover Dominican Center at Marywood

Dominican Center's mission is to foster transformation and growth of persons, communities, and organizations through prayer, learning, and collaboration in an inclusive, hospitable environment.

Dominican Center at Marywood is a ministry of Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids.

Explore and Be Transformed

Dominican Center embodies Grand Rapids ~ Dominican Sisters’ physical expression of welcome and invitation to share in the essential elements of Dominican Life: prayer, study, community, and ministry. Only minutes from thriving downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dominican Center is situated on the grounds of the 34-acre Marywood Campus. With sprawling green space, beautiful architecture, hidden trails, gardens, art, chapels, and other sacred spaces, it is the place where the Sisters have lived, loved, and prayed since 1922.

Learn and Pray With Us

Dominican Center intentionally cultivates an environment of stillness -- a space where you can listen, a place where you can simply be. We invite those who want to gather; to encounter one another through authentic experiences of prayer, reflection, and study; and to take part in relationship and community building.

Dominican Center at Marywood Background

Dominican Center, a ministry supported by Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids preaches the gospel of hope. The Dominican Sisters affirm the need for collaboration and community so all may flourish. Ministry, which we also call Service, is the way in which we serve God, the Church, and humanity.

Known as the Order of Preachers, Dominicans follow in the footsteps of patrons St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena who spoke and lived the Word of God. They are among many women and men of history whose ideas, values, beliefs, and manner of living -- during their time and place in history — changed humanity. These spiritual giants courageously questioned systemic thinking and behaviors, and in doing so, changed history.

Our spirituality and conference center was established by Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids to provide a place where people from all faiths and walks of life can learn from others who walked before them — as well as walk with others on the journey today.