spiritual direction

Opportunities to meet one-on-one with a contemplative listener.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction can best be summed up as the art of contemplative listening, which is listening with the whole of one’s being. Traditionally, Spiritual Direction has been described in terms of a one-to-one relationship. Another approach that is relatively new is that of group Spiritual Direction. One’s situation in life and on-going discernment will determine which approach best fits an individual at any given time.

  • If you are facing an important decision or making a discernment
  • If you are facing a change or transition in your life
  • If you are feeling fragmented, disjointed, out-of-touch
  • If you are dealing with loss of any kind
  • If you desire growth in prayer and growth in charity

Spiritual Direction offers a safe, non-judgmental place of welcome for the directee where his/her experiences are taken seriously. Contemplation and personal reflection on one’s life and prayer bring this communication to awareness. Articulating and clarifying these experiences with a spiritual director assists the person to notice even more about his/her conscious relationship with God.