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Tending the Call -- Programs for Practicing Spiritual Directors

Come to share, study, and pray with a sacred community of practicing Spiritual Directors as we seek a deepening relationship with God and are reminded of the sacred journey of transformation that called each one of us into this ministry. Join our community of Spiritual Directors who feel called to deepen their understanding of the spiritual wisdom of various spiritual giants and contemplative practices introduced in Practicum I and II. We will revisit the teachings of these foundational companions and reimagine ways they might support our present-day ministries.

Watch for news about upcoming Tending the Call  ongoing formation programs for practicing Spiritual Directors.


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"Tending the Call is meant to be a source of nourishment for Spiritual Directors. The intersection of readings and community-building between spiritual directors helps deepen and support our individual practices. We unpack the readings together, through reflection questions and guided group discussion with the hope that we go deeper personally and are reminded of the Spirits deep work within all of us [and throughout time]. It is our prayer that after these 6 weeks, each person comes away with a sense of confirmation in the work they are doing, as meaningful, and fostering a deeper connection to the Spirit." ~Andrea LeRoy, Spiritual Director, Co-facilitator “Tending the Call”

"Tending the Call has offered me accountability, community, and a deepening of my call to be a spiritual director. In the fall session we learn from the life and writings of one of our spiritual giants. In the spring, our emphasis is on the craft of spiritual direction and companioning. It is soul food. I look forward to it every semester." ~ Amanda Dobson, Spiritual Director, Co-Facilitator “Tending the Call”