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For the Easter Season
Inspirational Devotionals/Meditations/Prayers/Activities

Books on Pope Francis

    PopeFrancisSpeaksToOurHearts-ds-web LumenFidei-TheLightOfFaith-PopeFrancis-ds-web PopeFrancis-MatthewEBunson-ds-web
“God does not wait for us to go to him, but it is he who moves toward us, without calculation, without quantification.  That is what God is like. He always takes the first step; he comes towards us.” Pope Francis offers a profound and compelling reflection on humanity’s needs for faith in his first encyclical, Lumen Fidei, which completes the work of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. Without the light of faith, he writes, “all other lights begin to dim.” Pope Francis is still hew to us, but in this biography you will get to know this man who became ope: a street priest at heart with a deep love for people and a pastor’s touch.  HE teaches in word and deed the truths of he Church and God’s merciful love.
JorgeMarioBergoglio-Francis-PopeOfANewWorld-ds-web PopeFrancis-EvangeliiGaudium-ds-web  ConversingWithGodintheEasterSeason-YearA-ds-web
“Brothers and Sisters, before the Bishop blesses teh people, I ask you to pray to God that He will bless your Bishop.” Written by Andrea Tornielli, one of the best, of not the best, Vatican reports alive. The Joy of the Gospel is a passionate call for every Christian to “be constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others.” In this apostolic exhortation, Pope Francis responds to the suggestions of the 2012 Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization by outlining a road map for the Church’s pastoral mission and work in the world.  This book provides an attractive presentation of the ancient practice of lectio devina as a means of deepening one’s relationship with God and living the gospel.  All who engage the ‘good news’ through this practice and with this guidebook will assuredly encounter the risen Christ in a new way.

General Interest Books for All Ages

 TheInventionOfWings.SueMonkKidd-ds-web StreamsOfContentment-RobertJWicks-ds-web  WhatIsGodLike-Geisen_Fitzgerald-web
From the bestselling author of The Secret Life of Bees comes Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings. This is the tale of one motherless daughter’s discovery of what family really means–and of the strange and wondrous places we find love. In his most intimate self-portrait, Robert J. Wicks–bestselling author of Riding the Dragon and respected spiritual guide, therapist, and speaker–reflects on childhood summers spent away from New York on his fmily’s farm.  He mines those memories for lessons in finding contentment amidst hectic contemporary life.  This book introduces children to a way of getting to know God that helps them understand all the ways God can be found in the world around us – the God who is so eagerly waiting to be discovered. (by Cynthia Geisen)
 MakingGoodChoices-Engelhart_Fitzgerald-web  MartinDePorres-Schmidt_Diaz-web  LookFindStories-Thomas_Everitt-Stewart-web
 Making Good Choices: A Book About Right and Wrong…Just for Me!
Learning to do the right thing is a lifelong task. Because children are newcomers on the path of social, moral, and spiritual development, they need caring guides to help them along the way. This book helps children learn from their everyday choices and experiences to give them the skills and perspectives necessary to become compassionate, caring, and responsible adults. (by Lisa O. Engelhardt)
 Martin de Porres
The illegitimate child of a Spanish nobleman and a former slave, Martin de Porres was born into extreme poverty. Barred from the priesthood, he joined the Dominican Order as a servant instead. Soon he was performing miracles and healing nobles and beggars alike. As a celebration of his selflessness, he was canonized into the sainthood. Journey with this gentle friar as he calmly confronts racial and economic prejudice in seventeenth-century Peru. (by Gary D. Schmidt)
 The Look and Find Book of Bible Stories
This book of Bible Stories has lots of busy, detailed color illustrations. Look for all the best-known characters – all your favorite Bible heroes – living in their own time and place. (by Marion Thomas)
 AtTheNameOfJesus  JesusA.To.Z  WhenGodWinksOnNewBeginnings
 Open this book and discover a treasure of 20 inspiring and emotional images of Christ in visual and written form, reflecting many times and cultures.  You’ll find new ways to pray and new ways to know Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life. A must-have for any child’s personal library.  As a person immersed in the study of psycho-spirituality of children and adults, I found this book to be the bridge needed between personal spirituality and whole community catechesis.   Whether you’re starting out or starting over, it’s comforting to know that you’re never alone–God is watching and guiding your every step.
 WhenGodWinksOnLove  BuyingTheField  MySoulFeelsLean-JoyceRupp
Sure, sometimes you feel as if all the pieces have been dumped out on the dining room table and there’s no way to get them to fit together.  We all do.  That’s why you must have confidence in the big picture.  And that’s why you must learn to read the godwinks . . .those remarkable little things that happen to us all.   Sandra Schneiders, IHM, weds her academic excellence with her passion for the vowed life to produce a body of work both brilliant in its insight and accessible to the reader.  Completing her trilogy on Religious Life, Sandra illumines the relevance of poverty and obedience in the modern world. Macrina Wiederkehr, author of Seven Sacred Pauses, says of Rupp’s book: “In My Soul Feels Lean, Joyce Rupp offers us a key to the soul’s deep places of loss and restoration. Open the door to her poetry and come on in: there will be rugged lands and flowering meadows–luring you into prayer and reflection.”
GriefTherapy OnMyFirstHolyCommunion MyGoldenChildrensBible
A wise and sensitive dissenting voice, Grief Therapy demonstrates how the grieving process takes time and deserves attention. This classic guide, now in a newly updated edition, reassures those who grieve that out of their pain can come profound, transforming healing. (by Karen Katafiasz)  Jesus wants to be your very best friend. And by receiving Jesus often at Mass, you can show Him how much you want Him to be your best friend, too! (by Angela M. Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Casco) This collection of some of the best-loved Bible stories will provide young children with a gentle introduction to the stories of our faith. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout in full color and has gold edges, a golden padded cover, and a ribbon marker. (by Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy)
WhenGodWinksAtYou-web ImmortalDiamondRohr AbidingWord-Reid
A coincidence–sometimes a silly little thing–changes the course of your day . . . or even your life. Is it chance, is it luck, or is God communicating with you? In this book, Rohr likens True Self to a diamond, buried deep within us, formed under the intense pressure of our lives that must be searched for, uncovered and separated from all the debris of ego that surrounds it. Reid takes the Sunday experience to every day with accessible weekly meditations on the Lectionary readings of the year. The collection of articles allows readers to meditate on the connection between the sacred text and their daily lives.
 The bookstore at Dominican Center supports the Dominican charism of study and reflection with an appropriate collection of books and materials for those who seek light and food for the journey. Browse, read and let yourself get caught up in learning, reflection and enjoyment of ancient sources and contemporary resources. There are several books on spirituality and contemporary life, along with an assortment of gifts, cards, candles and music.