• Connecting Creativity and Spirituality

    Connecting Creativity and Spirituality

    November 19, 2021

    Art and creativity are integral in every religion. From sacred pictures and symbols to singing and dancing, art is used in service to prayer and meditation. Our creativity makes for an instinctive and essential channel for expressing and connecting with the Divine. When we create art, we follow where the Creator leads and gives form […]

  • Soothing Silenceā€¦ in July at Dominican Center

    Soothing Silenceā€¦ in July at Dominican Center

    July 11, 2019

    Nurturing soothing silence and peace in our own lives contributes to peace in our world, says author and restorative justice advocate and teacher Jeanne Lound Shaller. "A Little Desert - A Resting Place in God". That's the title of the first chapter of Jeanne Lound Schaller's book: Desert in my Backyard. Isn't that a wonderful […]