As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps through our world bringing its people to a collective pause, many of us find ourselves with unforeseen time on our hands and anxious thoughts in our minds and hearts. We may wonder how we can fill our days and spirits with hope as this pandemic threatens to sicken our loved ones and those who care for them.

But we do fill the minutes in a myriad of ways. We are hearing reports from Italy that communities are singing together from balconies. Church services are held from rooftops. Many here and around the country are sewing masks to donate to our frontline workers and healers. Parents are taking on homeschooling their children. Friends are sharing cups of coffee and conversation via online technologies.

We are checking in on one another, reflecting on the things that worry us and bring us comfort. Untold acts of kindness and generosity are committed by the second. The creatives are writing poetry, painting, making music, baking up big batches of cookies, planning our gardens. Some of us are sitting in meditation, practicing yoga, reflecting on Scripture. We send blessings and love to those we can’t see or touch.

We are prayer in action. And it’s this connection, contemplation, and creativity that will see us through and help us find and stay in light. Won’t you share with the Dominican Center community your prayer in action? Feed our souls with that which feeds yours?

We invite you to send to us how it is you pray your way through the days so you can stay in the light and in hope.

Here are some ways you may be finding light …

  • Do you carry an image or mantra in your heart that you turn to throughout the day?
  • Have you picked up your watercolors and created a new painting?
  • Are acts of service the way in which you pray?
  • Will you create a pot of soup from the ingredients in the back of your cupboard to feed your family?
  • Did you FaceTime with your old college roommate last night and laugh so hard your sides still hurt today?
  • Did you tip your face to the sun and take the spring air deep into your lungs because you can?
  • Are you writing gratitude lists on the backs of envelopes?

As your stories are received, Dominican Center will post many of them on our blog and Facebook page. We invite you to tag your Facebook friends so that they, too, may share how they are cultivating light and hope. If you send photos of people, we ask that you request their permission to use the photo as it will be shared on social media and Dominican Center's blog. We will send you a photo release to help you seek this permission.

Please send your writings, photos, and related attachments to

Dominican Center is a ministry of Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids.