Stay in the Light image | Dominican Center at Marywood, Grand Rapids, MIGolden sun, warming my skin while I enjoy sparkling water on the lawn.

Pink walls, a weekend project that my three-year-old had been requesting.

Blue shoes, my gift to myself as I invest in my new running hobby.

Red wine, a nice treat to accompany a snack and a movie.

Yellow highlighter, marking jobs well done from an unending to-do list.

Teal yoga mat, reminding me to breathe.

Green plants, symbolizing life and giving me hope.

I’ve experienced these colors at other times of my life, yet somehow they now have more meaning.

This virus has given me time to pause, prioritize, and experience life with new appreciation. Sometimes there are shadows casting darkness, but the light and colors of the world seem to find ways to continue shining brightly.

My daughter must feel drawn to various colors, too. Moments after our weekend project repainting her bedroom, she decided she wanted a rainbow room, not pink. We settled for some nice rainbow wall stickers.


Staff at Dominican Center at Marywood, Grand Rapids, MI - Emily Wcisel Durkee, Administrative SupportEmily Durkee is Dominican Center’s accounting clerk. She has worked in many capacities during her 11 years with the center. Her spirituality is fed by love of family and by finding quiet, still moments to process life and escape into silence. Emily dedicates herself to the mission of Dominican Center at Marywood by trying to live out the values of the Dominican Sisters in both her professional and personal life: dignity, service, stewardship, collaboration, hospitality, inclusion, and learning.


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