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Spiritual Practices

Centering Prayer (Online)

Centering Prayer complements and supports other modes of prayer — verbal, mental, or affective prayer — and facilitates resting in the Divine Presence. This silent prayer method offers a way to grow in intimacy with God, moving beyond conversation to communion.

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Spiritual Direction (Via Phone, Online, or Socially-Distanced Sessions)

God is constantly inviting each of us into a deeper relationship with all that is sacred. Spiritual direction is a contemplative practice that asks us to deeply feel God’s presence. During each session, a Spiritual Director companions you in your sacred story, holds space for your peace as well as your pain, and offers gentle wisdom and tender observation to guide you to awareness of how the Holy works with you and around you.

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Lectio Divina (Online)

Lectio Divina (literally divine or sacred reading) is a prayerful practice that allows us to become personally immersed in the Scriptures so that the Word of God may penetrate our hearts.

This centering prayer practice is a blend of silence and slow, prayerful reading of Scripture. Father Thomas Keating describes the four stages of Lectio Divina as compass points around a circle, with the Holy Spirit moving seamlessly between them.

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Self Study and Healing Guides

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