Church and Group Retreats

When it’s time to meet and focus on important decisions for your organization, Dominican Center at Marywood provides a distraction-free space for connection, conversation, and creativity.

Church and Spiritual Retreats

If your group is looking for a quiet, natural environment in which to plan, pray, rejuvenate, grow, or be inspired, consider the quiet grounds of Dominican Center. For group retreats, bring your own participants and agenda, and Dominican Center will provide the hospitality.

A retreat involving your church and its members creates bonding and community with those you’re closest with spiritually. In return, you support your community and church. Retreats target all kinds of groups and themes, and can be as large or as intimate as you choose.

Create and Collaborate with Your Organization

Your retreat or workshop creates an opportunity to review your organization’s core values; explore its mission; and examine challenges and opportunities for the future. Some use the time for innovation, building morale, and creating new excitement within its community.

Dominican Center is the perfect place to:

  • Make positive, lasting changes
  • Build personal and team alignment
  • Think and plan strategically
  • Deepen relationships
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Engage employees
  • View challenges through a different lens

Space and Practices to Support Your Retreat or Meeting

Contemplative Learning Program | Come to Center: A Labyrinth Walk with Susan Duesbery | Dominican Center at Marywood, Grand Rapids, MIDominican Center has 13 meeting rooms for breakout sessions, small group work, or larger lectures. Guests are also encouraged to break away from meetings to discover nooks for quiet, reflective moments and thought-gathering, both inside and outside the center.

Dominican Center also offers a picnic area, Lectio Divina, Centering Prayer, and a labyrinth.

Retreat Planning and Information

Book Your Church or Group Retreat

To schedule your retreat or for more information, please contact: