Sacred Spaces & Retreats

Retreats: Individual, Group and Church

If you are seeking time for silence, solitude, reflective study, and prayer, Dominican Center offers a holy space where the rhythms of life are stilled for retreat and renewal. Church and work groups needing space for inspiration and connection are also invited to retreat and meet at Dominican Center. Explore Retreats

Personal Retreat Rooms

Choose a day away or an overnight retreat. Our comfortable, quiet, private rooms are ready for you.  A bed for restful sleep and dreams, a desk for writing, and windows to let in the light. Focus on self-care in this restful environment. Nourishing meals and snacks prepared by our Dominican Center chef and team.

Marywood Prairie Habitat

We believe that the land is a gift from God, and in a small effort to slow global warming, the Dominican Sisters restored an acre of natural habitat of the Marywood Campus along Fulton Street near Lakeside Drive. The Marywood Prairie Habitat is managed organically and without the use of herbicides. Ramble through the prairie, rest and meditate on the benches placed around the circumference, and take in God’s creation.

Volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups are available at Marywood. We enjoy teaching others to help care for the prairie. Learn how to create and care for your own prairie habitat, and learn why these habitats are so critical to the health of our environment.

Sculpture Garden & Path

Seek respite from life’s noise and busyness by exploring the St. Francis Sculpture Garden for Prayer and Meditation at Marywood.

The accessible pathway and sculpture garden meanders through wooded areas and gardens. Created in St. Francis of Assisi’s name, patron saint of animals and ecology, the garden and trail features a series of bronze statues of the beloved saint. These works are by West Michigan artist Mic Carlson. This prayer and meditation garden and path is a project of Instruments of Hope, a Michigan-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace through artistic endeavors.