Stay in the Light Stories of Prayer and Hope During a Pandemic

April 20, 2020 / Monday - December 31, 2020 / Thursday

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At Dominican Center, we believe we are prayer in action, and that connection, contemplation, and creativity will see us through these unsettling times and help us find and be in light. We invite you to share with the Dominican Center community your prayer in action and to feed our souls with that which feeds yours.

Here are some ways you may be finding light …

  • Do you carry an image or mantra in your heart? How does that guide you throughout the day?
  • Have you picked up your watercolors? What sparks your creativity?
  • Are acts of service the way in which you pray?
  • Will you create a pot of soup from ingredients in the back of your cupboard?  Share with us your new found love for home cooked meals.
  • Did you FaceTime with your old college roommate last night and laugh so hard your sides still hurt today? How are you staying connected to your loved ones?
  • Did you tip you face to the sun and take the spring air deep into your lungs because you can? What outdoor activities are you enjoying in the comfort of your back yard?
  • Are you writing gratitude lists on the backs of envelopes? Who and What are you grateful for during this time?

We invite you to send to us how it is you pray your way through the days so you can stay in the light and in hope.

Please send your writings, photos, and related attachments to

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  • Date: Monday 04/20/2020 - Thursday 12/31/2020
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