Loving-Kindness Meditation: How It Can Heal What Ails Us

October 09, 2019 / Wednesday, 8:45am - 12:00pm

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The loving-kindness meditation is based on metta, the Pali term for unconditional friendliness, or loving-kindness, and is a form of blessing/meditation practice. It is sourced in the Buddhist tradition, yet versions of it are found in many spiritual traditions, including Judaism and Celtic Christianity. It is an interspiritual practice that supports many theologies.

Practice loving-kindness wherever you may go.
― Heather Wolf

Metta is a sitting meditation/prayer form and takes us through six levels of blessing: one's self, benefactors, loved ones, neutral others, difficult others, and ultimately wishing all earthly beings and creatures safety and happiness. This practice opens our hearts to ourselves and others in profound ways.

Registration: 8:45 am
Program: 9:00 am - Noon

FD: Spirituality

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