From Homelands to Strange Lands

June 15, 2019 / Saturday, 8:30am - 11:30am

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Why are people fleeing from homelands for strange lands? What are the root causes of migration today?

Disease, disaster, economic crisis, danger… the reasons people migrate aren’t so different today than they were at other times in history. Beyond such extremes of suffering, familial connections are global, as are economies. What does that have to do with why people flee home countries? That’s exactly what Joan Williams, OP, and an interfaith pilgrimage to Honduras in March 2019 set out to explore.

Join us for a study and contemplative program about right relationship and migration. Let’s explore our worldviews together and look through lenses that differ from our own.

Guided by Sister Joan Williams, we will look through her eyes to meet the people of Honduras and better understand why people are fleeing from homelands to strange lands. She will share first-hand what impacts their day-to-day lives in neighborhoods, villages, and places of work. She will give us a greater sense of how policies and practices in Honduras, and in our own country, have and continue to influence the Honduran reality of today. Her sharing is based on her own experience of 19 years of living and ministering in San Pedro Sula, Honduras; reflection on her return to the United States; and her experiences on the reverse caravan pilgrimage to explore the root causes of migration.

Cost: $25 / $10 students (students use code HOME at check out)

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