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Lectio Divina ~Thursday (Online)

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Thursday 01/06/2022 - Tuesday 06/28/2022
12:00pm - 12:30pm EST
The practice of Lectio Divina helps me to open to the voice of God speaking to my heart through sacred scripture. It’s a prayer practice that allows me to delight in that Word, to savor its language and images, and to trust in the presence of God that leads to nourishment and wisdom. - Rich Meyette

Lectio Divina (literally divine or sacred reading) is a prayerful practice that allows us to become personally immersed in the Scriptures so that the Word of God may penetrate our hearts.

The four stages of this prayerful practice:

  • Read the Scripture
    Listen with the ear of your heart
  • Reflect on the meaning of the Scriptural passage 
    Become aware of what touches you and is meaningful to you in the selected Scripture
  • Pray to God
    Respond spontaneously to the Word of God and offer any prayer that rises up
  • Contemplate the Word of God
    Rest in the Word of God and allow God to speak in the silence

To learn more about Lectio Divina or to practice this ancient way of praying, join us each Thursday, Noon – 12:30pm through the month of June.

Practice Lectio Divina with us via Zoom here.


Lectio Divina Held Via Zoom


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Be With Us for Lectio Divina


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