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Finding Freedom in Healing and Forgiveness (Online)

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Thursday 10/14/2021 - Thursday 10/21/2021
6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

Be with is for our two-part series Finding Freedom in Healing and Forgiveness, with Orsika Julia, transformational guide, author, and speaker.

Forgiveness liberates the soul.
~ Nelson Mandela

In today’s climate, we are experiencing unfortunate amounts of anger, hate, and self-loathing. As a collective humanity, we have spent the past almost two years living in unprecedented times. It’s been overwhelming for most to figure out how to successfully find a new normal. This imbalance has caused pain throughout the world. Lives are falling apart at faster rates than ever before.

However, as a collective humanity, we know there is hope for a better tomorrow. To make that a reality, we must begin our journey of healing and forgiveness today. There are steps we can take toward this life. We can come together to begin
the process immediately. Focusing on self-love and self-care play a major role on this healing journey.

During this two-part program, be guided toward a life of forgiveness and healing through journaling, conversations, and contemplative prayer and meditation.


Orsika Julia

Transformational Guide, Author, and Speaker

Orsika is a single mother of three and a domestic violence survivor. She is dedicated to bringing healing to other survivors. Orsika is a Certified Canfield Trainer, meaning she was trained by one of the greatest mentors of our time – Jack Canfield. Her training and her personal journey have enhanced Orsika’s ability to see things logically and empathetically. She has been passionate about supporting others throughout her life. Now, it is Orsika’s mission to guide domestic violence survivors to find their own path to live a life filled with forgiveness, peace, and empowerment.

Orsika is also an author and writes weekly blog posts on Medium.

Learn more about Orsika here.


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Be With Us for Finding Freedom in Healing and Forgiveness

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