Experiential Enneagram & Levels of Consciousness (In-Person)


Sunday 04/07/2024 - Sunday 04/14/2024
12:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Join Dr. Patrick Bishop and Sr. Ann Walters, OP, for two sessions of experiential exploration into some of the most powerful and interconnected frameworks for psychological-spiritual growth.

The first session will begin with a light lunch and community discussion around the three centers of the Enneagram (gut, heart, head). Lunch will be followed by a brief refresher of core Enneagram concepts. In the remaining hours, Bishop will lead participants through experiential activities to tease out mental, emotional, and-or behavioral responses for each of the nine types.

The second session also begins with light lunch and community discussion. Afterwards, Bishop will use a variety of instructional methods and experiential activities to guide participants through an exploration of lived perceptions as they relate various levels of consciousness. The session concludes with community discussion on practical applications for integrating healthy levels of the Enneagram with growing levels of consciousness.  https://www.9types.com/rheti/index.php

“ To be of carnal mind is death; to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
For the carnal mind is against, not subject to divine law, nor can it be. ~Romans 8:6-7


Prepare for this Course

To prepare for this course, it would be helpful to know your Enneagram type. Here is a link to a free Enneagram test to take prior to joining us on April 7.

Find Your Type

For a more comprehensive result and to take the full RHETI Enneagram test, visit the Institute's website. You will need to go to the menu and choose “Testing Center” and pay them $12

Enneagram Institute


Dates:  Sundays, April 7 and 14, Noon- 4:00 pm ET

Location: In-Person at Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College

Lunch  and Snacks will be provided. If you have dietary restrictions please contact Kit Fessendon at 616-514-3325.

Student Discount  Course Fee: $70.00. Use Code STUDENT at check-out

Scholarships are available.
Call 616-514-3325 or email programs@dominicancenter.com


Dr. Patrick Bishop

Patrick Bishop is an author, speaker, and award-winning professor in the college of business at Ferris State University. In addition to a PhD in Leadership, Bishop is a graduate of the Living School (Center for Action & Contemplation). He holds several distinctions, most notably. Riso- Hudson Enneagram certification. Whispers of the Ineffable follows the 2020 release of his first book, Wisdom of the animals.

Bishop lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and offers experiential workshops through his leadership company, Happydog Consulting & Training.

Ann Walters, OP

Sister Ann Walters, OP, earned her master’s degree in Christian spirituality from Creighton University. Sr. Ann is active in leading adult faith formation classes, workshops, and seminars; preaching at and directing retreats; and providing spiritual direction. Her past work includes serving as co-director of Collaborative Dominican Novitiate of the United States Dominican Women’s Congregations; director of formation for Grand Rapids Dominicans; and elementary and high school education administration. She has also been active in inner-city ministries in Detroit; Chicago; rural northern Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; and Gusau, Nigeria, West Africa.


Dates & More

Dates: Sundays, April 7 and 14, Noon- 4:00 pm

Scholarships are available.
Call 616-514-3325 or email programs@dominicancenter.com


Lunch/refreshments and snacks will be provided.

If you have dietary restrictions please contact Kit Fessendon at 616-514-3325.

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