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Earth's Divine Providence Morning Retreat (In Person)

Dominican Associates

Saturday 10/01/2022
9:30am - 12:00pm EST

Retreat with us for Earth's Divine Providence on October 1.

Jesus often lifted up creation in teaching his followers … recall faith the size of a mustard seed, the grain of wheat, the vine and branches, and the birds of the air.

A tree gives glory to God by being a tree.
~ Merton

The opening passages of the book of Genesis tell us our Creator God brought the universe into being and at every stage called it good, (1:1-2:4). The book of Wisdom inspires us to recognize God in the natural world, “Through the greatness and the beauty of creatures, one comes to know by analogy their maker,” (13:5).

So, too, do the words of God across thousands of years call out ecological concerns: “They have turned My pleasant field into a desolate wasteland. They have made it a desolation; desolate before Me, it mourns. All the land is laid to waste, but none take it to heart,” (Jer. 10b-11).

In this morning retreat, we will take today’s dire ecological situation to heart as we weave a braid with three strands: the Universe story, the Biblical scriptural story, and our personal story.

The nobility, the gracefulness in caring for creation is a state of mind, a matter of active presence. During this program, let us unite our energies and prayers, committing ourselves to care for our common home, for humanity, for all of Earth’s creatures and life.

Our prayer, reflection, and sharing will be framed by music, poetry, and sensory experience of nature – looking, listening, smelling, tasting, and touching. Weather permitting, we hope to offer an outdoor mindful nature walk (participants who prefer to remain indoors will enjoy experiential activities from the natural world).


We will gather in person at Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Map for Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College | Grand Rapids, MI


Dominican Center Marwood continues to monitor and adjust our pandemic response to gatherings. If you have personal health concerns, please request seating at tables specifically designated for social distancing and masking.


Liz Walz

Catholic Worker, Spiritual Director, Associate

Liz Walz is an Associate of the Sisters of Providence of Holyoke, MA, with more than 25 years of experience in spiritual retreat facilitation. She finds daily refuge and healing through contemplative prayer, sitting still or walking alongside lakes and rivers, through fields and forests, and gazing at the sky. Liz has found God in experience as a Catholic worker, spiritual director, massage therapist, yoga teacher, Ayurveda practitioner, and BioSpiritual Focusing Companion, and finds her life purpose in facilitating experiences for others. She is affiliated with the Center for Action and Contemplation’s Living School. In 2022, Liz is taking a year of sabbatical from full-time work and focusing on graduate work in depth psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and archetypal studies.



We will gather in person for Earth’s Divine Providence at Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College, 1700 Fulton St. E, Grand Rapids, MI. Directions and parking information can be found here.


Please contact Dominican Center via phone at 616.514.3325 or by emailing

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Be With Us for Earth's Divine Providence Morning Retreat (in Person)

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