Sandra Mitchell

Certified Integrative Life Coach and Writer


With infinite loving kindness, attentive listening, forthright feedback, and an ever-expanding discernment of  life coaching principles, Sandra Mitchell offers clients a safe space to explore and find freedom from the fear and frustration that stands between them and the life they most long for.

Sandra's experience in coaching and mentoring includes: helping clients break through health and wellness issues; supporting those dealing with the heartbreak and confusion of supporting addicted loved ones; empowering those grappling with career or relationship transitions; and inspiring clients to rediscover themselves and create lasting change.

When immersed in the transformational concepts of life coaching, clients often experience a deepening of spirituality, healthier relationships,  clearer communication, greater connection, a release of expectations, stronger boundaries, and the ability to hear their voice first.

Trained and certified as an integrative coach professional specializing in Breakthrough Shadow Coaching™ by Ford Institute for Transformational Training, Sandra spent a full year in intense study, training, practice, and supervision. In addition, Sandra holds a degree from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has worked for more than 25 years as a writer, marketer, and mentor for wellness practitioners and organizations, healthcare systems, higher education, and nonprofit agencies.

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