Sandra Mitchell

Writer, Marketer, Coach

For 25+ years, Sandra Mitchell served as a writer and marketer for corporate healthcare, higher education, nonprofits, and small business. Now that she's an independent writer and marketer, Sandra finds she's most gratified when collaborating with those who nurture heart-centered wellness practices, ministries, nonprofits, and solo entrepreneurships. Specific experience includes designing and managing websites and blogs; writing content for online and print publication; designing print materials; leading social media efforts and paid search campaigns; and much more. Sandra's degree is a bachelor of arts in English from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Combining her coaching background with her experience as a creative, it’s Sandra's honor to provide creativity coaching as well as facilitate writing circles. It’s always her intention to hold a safe space for clients and fellow creatives to explore, make sense of, and find freedom from that which may be holding them back from fully
stepping into their creative gifts.

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