Michael Lisowski

Spiritual Director, Dominican Associate,

Michael Lisowski is a Spiritual Director, Dominican Associate, and facilitator of Spiritual Companioning: A Ministry of Presence.

He has received advanced training in the Ignatian Spirituality / Spiritual Exercises and continues his studies/training in Interfaith Spiritual Practices, and Holistic and Integrative Health. He is a student of both Western and Eastern spiritual practices and is also a Daoyou, Medical Qigong Practitioner, and Martial Artist and continues his studies in Tai Chi, Daoist Mysticism and Medical Qigong.

Michael’s pastoral theology of spiritual direction can be summed up as: a sacred covenantal relationship between Director and Directee to aid the Directee in developing a strong personal relationship with the divine and transcending the concerns and worries of everyday life that prevent them from perceiving and becoming their True Self and living their fullest most blessed life.

He is a husband of 27 years and father of one daughter. He enjoys reading, photography and traveling with his family. Michael is an Optical Engineer by trade and currently holds 17 patents dating back to 2004. He holds a Master of Science degree in Physics.

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