Lorilyn Wiering

Founder of Soul Care Sanctuaries and Spiritual Director

Lorilyn Wiering is a soul care practitioner who is passionate about facilitating spiritual freedom rooted in Original Blessing, the acknowledgment that we are made in the image and likeness of God and pronounced to be not only good, but very good. She believes that this Original Blessing finds expression through Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Will. Trained as a teacher, spiritual director, and Enneagram practitioner, Lorilyn is at ease speaking boldly and listening deeply, always drawing on her commitment to the nurture of her own and others' Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Will.

An avid gardener, she comes alive in the presence of Nature’s rhythms, recognizing, honoring, and nurturing self and others in seasons of growth, fullness, loss, death, rest, and rebirth. She is married to Vernon, her husband of more than 28 years, and is mom to their three children, Madeleine, Basil, and Reuben.

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