Cami Mann

Spiritual Director, Writer, and Dominican Center Apprentice

As a practitioner of interspiritual direction, Cami firmly believes that the sacred resides deep with each of us. Interspiritual direction takes its lead from the seeker, whether through a practiced traditional faith-based experience or through a more eclectic spirituality. We encounter the sacred through our own life’s journey and bear a sense that there is something more to our experience of life. Interspiritual direction accompanies the seeker as they move deeper into the sacred, the holy.

Cami journeys with soul seekers as they explore their spiritual longings, hopes, and dreams by tapping into their own wisdom as it is divinely sourced through the source of all wisdom. Each session consists of a practice of attentive prayerful listening, deep noticing, and naming. Along with interspiritual direction, Cami is experienced in offering spiritual direction to those who are in spiritual distress due to spiritual woundedness, crisis, or spiritual abuse. We often have a language around physical and mental distress, but we don’t always have the awareness that we are experiencing spiritual distress. Spiritual direction offers a safe, sacred space to explore our wounds and find a sense of healing. Cami is humbled and privileged to accompany those with whom she enters this relationship of sacred exploration and deep trust.

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