Barry Brown


Born in Denver, Colorado, Barry Brown was inspired to capture the beauty of the world in photographs from a young age. The son of a modern architect and educated in electrical engineering during his tenure in the Army, Barry is blessed with both technical skills and an eye for aesthetics.

With a bachelor’s degree in business and a minor in visual arts from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Barry launched a full-time photography studio in 2001 and quickly became a leading photographer in Colorado Springs.

Since earning a master’s degree in healthcare management from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon in 2012, Barry has worked primarily the healthcare field and now consults in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Barry practices photography part time and is known for his intimate and emotional portraits. His knowledge of lighting, camera functions, and editing allow Barry to focus the viewer’s eye on the subject without distraction. Barry seeks to make photography accessible to all and enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

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