At our recent two-part workshop Experiential Enneagram and Levels of Consciousness , participants were invited to engage in a variety of experiences designed to look at some of the most powerful and interconnected frameworks for psychological-spiritual growth.

During session one, Dr. Patrick Bishop used body movement, a word game, and another game to evoke feelings to encourage acting out of the three Enneagram centers: the head, the heart, and the gut. There were many laughs during this time followed by small and large group discussions relating how the three centers motivate our behaviors. Becoming aware of how we are motivated by these centers brings us to a greater level of understanding why we do what we do. It is with this understanding that one comes to recognize good choices and not so good choices that either bring or do not bring comfort in coming to know oneself from the core of our original goodness.

In the second session, participants returned with an enthusiasm to go deeper in understanding the enneagram as it relates to psychological-spiritual growth. Dr. Patrick Bishop introduced the levels of consciousness experienced and available ways to understand reactions to life situations. The question becomes, how do we grow in our consciousness toward becoming the “best one can be?”

Using the spiritual levels of consciousness works of the mystic Meister Eckhart, Dr. Bishop then took participants through the process of recognizing each level of consciousness and how it leads to “a whole/holy human being.” One could sense the “aha moments” from the participants by their responses and insightful questions.

It was two Sunday afternoons well spent!