Called To Be A Spiritual Companion

Spiritual Companioning is a ministry that arises from one’s faith commitment. The course deepens the ability and quality of presence we offer to one another and to our world. The course is an opportunity to strengthen a contemplative presence. Through study and writing, peer group sharing, and prayer, the objective of the course is to grow in a more inclusive contemplative lifestyle that fosters a less anxious, more peaceful nonviolent presence. It cultivates a spiritual sensitivity toward societal and global responsibility.

The course encourages participants to live into and to practice the formation of a spirituality that consciously cultivates movement toward community, mutual solidarity and respect and dignity for all creatures and creation.


  • Completion of Foundations in Spirituality
  • Commitment to regular prayer practice and reflection on being a spiritual companion to others
  • Willingness to participate in all aspects of the program, including written papers and peer group presentations, required readings, and preparation for each session
  • Participation in personal companioning
  • Attendance at all sessions
  • Participation in individual or group spiritual direction
  • Attendance at a directed silent retreat during the year


  • This is a two-year program of 9 sessions each year
  • The first year of the Spiritual Companioning program focuses on personal transformation, and the second year highlights social transformation
  • Participants who have completed Foundations in Spirituality may register for Spiritual Companioning


Session Days, Dates, and Times

  • Please check back for information on upcoming Spiritual Companioning dates.


  • $475 - program fee for 9 three-hour sessions (30 class hours)
  • $50 - non-refundable application fee (applications due in June)
  • $100 - required books


Dominican Center at Marywood, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Questions and Information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact: