Contemplative Retreats for Individuals and Groups

If you’re seeking individual time for silence, solitude, reflective study and prayer, Dominican Center offers you a holy space where the rhythms of life are stilled into the simplicity of retreat. Church and work groups needing space for inspiration and connection are also invited to retreat and meet at Dominican Center.

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“Lord, teach us to pray…” – Luke 11:1
A self-directed individual spiritual retreat offers lasting and profound benefits. During your retreat time at Dominican Center, you give yourself the gift of uninterrupted thought, transformation, and healing. You can come away closer to yourself and to God.

The spiritual journey of each person is unique, with infinite choices. A retreat is a time to slow down, to be still, and to restore your spirit— a time that allows you to process your deepest needs, feelings, and values away from the voices and needs of others.

Dominican Center’s day or overnight self-directed retreats are independent experiences designed by you. Your retreat includes time to yourself and may include participating in Dominican Sisters’ prayer and liturgy, contemplative walks through the grounds, and exploring Marywood’s sacred spaces. Companioning with a spiritual director is optional.

People of diverse faith traditions are welcome to retreat at Dominican Center.

A Day Away

A Day Away is special time to use in whatever way will you renew your spirit. On arrival to Dominican Center, you’ll be warmly greeted and shown to a comfortable, private room. You’ll receive a brief overview of the center, chapel, dining area, and grounds, then we’ll let you simply be. Whether you spend your time inside or enjoying the beautiful campus, you’ll find a sacred place for silence, prayer, and quiet reflection.

Private Individual Retreat

Your private individual retreat has no set program or duration. You determine the length of stay and create your own rhythm of prayer, quiet, and rest. Your personally designed retreat provides solitude and an opportunity for private prayer and reflection.

Directed Individual Retreat

Experienced retreat directors are available to guide you in your individual directed retreat. In addition to a daily meeting with your director, your individual retreat provides solitude and an opportunity for private prayer and reflection.

Through retreat, discover new ways of praying, feel the support of others, and go deeper into your relationship with God. Dominican Center’s retreats offer opportunities to intensely focus on an aspect of your spiritual life. Each retreatant goes deeper into the presence of the Holy and the promise of the Spirit.

Go Deeper with Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an age-old process of listening to the heart of another as he or she seeks the intention of the Spirit within the deep recesses of the self.

At Dominican Center, spiritual guidance can be a single session or a multi-session commitment, depending on your need or desire. The goal is not dependency on another, but a closer union with the Divine that invites wholeness, integrity, inner unity, and growth.

All of Dominican Center’s spiritual directors have undergone extensive training, come from a variety of faith traditions, and are trained to listen with compassion, to hold space without judgment, and to keep confidential the contents of your heart and mind.

Retreat Accommodations

Guests staying overnight at Dominican Center enjoy a warm, comfortable respite, free of distraction, in a contemplative and scenic setting.

Dominican Center retreat accommodations include:

  • Serene atmosphere with access to all of Dominican Center’s sacred spaces, including our peaceful chapels
  • Opportunity for prayer with Dominican Sisters
  • Quiet reading and reflection time and spaces
  • Tranquil campus grounds and safe walking in a quiet residential area
  • Simple, nourishing meals with accommodation for dietary restrictions
  • Private overnight guest rooms, each with double bed, private bath, towels, bed linens, and blankets

Meals to Nourish Body and Soul

Nutritious and well-balanced meals and snacks are available on request, for a minimal cost.

Please let us know in advance of your arrival if you have dietary restrictions. We accommodate gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free diets and more.

Explore Sacred Spaces

Dominican Center is located on the serene 34-acre Marywood Campus, home to Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids. Within the walls and grounds of Marywood exist sacred spaces open to Dominican Center guests. Explore these shared spaces to find yourself feeling uplifted, cared for, and connected with the blessings shared by Dominican Sisters.

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Upcoming Retreats


When it’s time to meet and focus on important decisions for your organization, Dominican Center provides a distraction-free space for connection, conversation, and creativity.

Church and Spiritual Retreats

If your group is looking for a quiet, natural environment in which to plan, pray, rejuvenate, grow, or be inspired, consider the quiet grounds of Dominican Center. For group retreats, bring your own participants and agenda, and Dominican Center will provide the hospitality.

A retreat involving your church and its members creates bonding and community with those you’re closest with spiritually. In return, you support your community and church. Retreats target all kinds of groups and themes, and can be as large or as intimate as you choose.

Dominican Center has 13 meeting rooms for breakout sessions, small group work, or larger lectures. Guests are also encouraged to break away from meetings to discover nooks for quiet, reflective moments and thought-gathering, both inside and outside the center.

Dominican Center also offers a picnic area, Lectio Divina, Center Prayer, and a labyrinth.

Create and Collaborate

Group prayer at retreatYour retreat or workshop creates an opportunity to review your organization’s core values; explore its mission; and examine challenges and opportunities for the future. Some use the time for innovation, building morale, and creating new excitement within its community.

Dominican Center is the perfect place to:

  • Make positive, lasting changes
  • Build personal and team alignment
  • Think and plan strategically
  • Deepen relationships
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Engage employees
  • View challenges through a different lens

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