Center for Spirituality

That which you are seeking is seeking you.
- Rumi

We welcome you to the Dominican Center for Spirituality as you begin or continue your journey toward spiritual openness and wholeness. Spirituality is a way of being open to the sacred, the self, the other, and the whole of creation. We offer spiritual formation experiences for seekers and spiritual directorsFaith leaders and lay people from all faith traditions seek transformation in this place, where together we learn to recognize the Holy within ourselves and others. For those who seek spiritual direction through life change and spiritual growth, you will find that here, too.

Exploring Spirituality

Become aware of how the Spirit works within you and around you.

Spiritual Direction

Connect with a spiritual director to walk with you on your spiritual journey.

Called To Be A Spiritual Director

Explore our education and formation program to become a spiritual director.

Contemplative Retreats

Still the ordinary rhythms of life with the simplicity of a retreat.