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Your Truest Self

Janice Lynne Lundy

Read these wise, rich words and allow them to draw you inward and remind you of your innate wisdom and perfection.

Your Sorrow is my Sorrow

Joyce Rupp

This relates the Seven Sorrows of Mary to our sufferings, and opens a vast reservoir of courage, strength, and wisdom.

Words of Challenge and Hope

Pope Francis

God does not wait for us to go to him, but it is he who moves toward us, without calculation, without quantification.

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The Lives of Bretheren

The Early Years of the Order of Preachers

Dominican Spirituality

Principles and Practice

Dominican Life

A Commentary on the Rule of Saint Augustine

Thomas Merton

An Autobiography of Faith

Pope Francis

The Name of God is Mercy

Mary’s Song

Living Her Timeless Prayer

In Quest of the Jewish Mary

The Mother of Jesus in History, Theology, and Spirituality


Living the Resilient Life

The Joy of Love

On Love in the Family

Girlfriends and Other Saints

Companions on my Journey of Faith by Teresa Tomeo

The Healing Stories of Jesus

Signs of the New Creation

Conversations with Mother Teresa

A personal portrait of the saint, her mission, and her great love for God.

Simply Living in and Anxious World

Discover simplicity in the midst of life's turmoil.

Sick, and You Cared For Me

This book breaks open the Sunday readings in Cycle B in the Liturgical Year.

Hungry, and You Fed Me

This book breaks open the Sunday readings in Cycle C in the Liturgical Year.

Good Morning, Good God!

This book helps you start your day with God.

Praying the Gospels

The author helps us enter into each Gospel scene and experience the presence of Jesus.

Two Dogs and a Parrot

What our animal friends can teach us about life.

Haggai Malachi

Wisdom commentary on this book of the Bible.


Wisdom commentary on this book of the Bible.


Wisdom commentary on this book of the Bible.

How to be an Adult

A handbook for achieving psychological and spiritual health.

How to be an Adult in Relationships

The Five Keys to Mindful Loving.

Broken Gods

Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart.

Godwink Stories

Readings of godwinks and miracles to encourage and inspire you in every situation.

Jesus and the Prodigal Son

A startlingly fresh perspective to one of the most beloved parables from scripture.

The Mysteries of the Rosary

This book honors the 800th anniversary of the Order of Preachers.

Children Whisper to God

A collection of hand-written letters to God from children.

Celtic Blessings Coloring Book

When life makes you stressed and scattered, put away the smartphone and attend to your mind and soul with this book.

Dear Pope Francis

Children have questions and struggles just like adults. Pope Francis responds to them in this book.

Lessons From Pope Francis For Children

For ages seven to eleven, this is a wonderful way for children to understand the Holy Father's teachings.

Love Stories

In this book, couples share what brought them together and advice for other couples.

My Golden Children’s Bible

This book is perfect for young children just beginning to learn about their faith.

Naked, and You Clothed Me

This book breaks open the Sunday readings in Cycle A in the Liturgical Year.

Successful Children: Step by Step

Raising kids in today's world can be a daunting prospect. With this book, parents can breathe a little easier.

Tapestry in Time

The story of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids, MI 1966-2012.

Two Steps Forward

You may find your own spiritual journey reflected in the lives of these women.

Words of Faith Coloring Book

This book includes 30 designs, each paired with an uplifting Word of Faith and a simple Scripture verse.

A Retreat with Luke

Barbara Reid, OP

This book offers a seven-day retreat allowing the courage of the Good News to carry you throughout your life.

Abiding Word

Barbara Reid

Reid takes the Sunday experience to every day with weekly meditations on the Lectionary readings of the year.

Aquinas College: The First 125 Years

Gary Eberle

Gary Eberle tells the story of the school that is now the only Catholic college in West Michigan.

At the Name of Jesus

Michael O'Neill McGrath

Open this book and discover a treasure of 20 inspiring & emotional images of Christ in visual and written form.

Between the Dark and the Daylight

Joan Chittister

Between the Dark and the Daylight explores the concerns of modern life, of the overworked mind, and the hurting heart.

Blessing Upon Blessing

Maxine Shonk

The blessings offered in these pages are an attempt to put some words to that wordless sense of blessing.

Buying the Field

Sandra Schneiders

The author illumines the relevance of poverty and obedience in the modern world.

Carolyn: A Journey of Faith

Veronica Honey

A strong and courageous girl faces death in the prime of her youth. Written by her mother, Veronica Honey.

Colors of the Spirit

Dorothy Ederer, OP

In Colors of the Spirit, the author shares her own prescription for a fulfilling life.

Consecrated Life

John Paul II

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouvé provides insightful commentary, which can be used for study and reflection.

Faith on First

Charles Honey

Faith On First: A collection of writings by Charles Honey, long-time religion editor.

Fly While You Still Have Wings

Joyce Rupp

A profile of the a woman's resilient spirit and a voice of compassion for the readers' own experience of loss.

Francis: Pope of a New World

Andrea Tornielli

Written by Andrea Tornielli, one of the best, of not the best, Vatican reports alive.

Grief Therapy

Karen Katafiasz

Grief Therapy demonstrates how the grieving process takes time and deserves attention.

Immortal Diamond

Richard Rohr

In this book, Rohr likens True Self to a diamond buried deep within us, formed under the intense pressure of our lives.

Inner Journey

Y.M. Foster, OP

Embrace the present, let go of fear and use these reflections as a springboard to your own transformation.

Jesus A to Z

Michael O'Neill McGrath

This book is the bridge needed between personal spirituality and whole community catechesis.

Jesus Calling

Sarah Young

The #1 bestselling 365-day devotional Jesus Calling is written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to you.

Living with Grace

Y.M. Foster, OP

Living With Grace: Reflections on living with grace when facing difficult challenges to redirect your energy.

Making Good Choices: A Book About Right and Wrong

Cynthia Geisen

Helps children understand the God who is so eagerly waiting to be discovered.

Martin de Porres

Gary D. Schmidt

Barred from the priesthood, Martin de Porres joined the Dominican Order as a servant instead.

May You Find Comfort

Joyce Rupp

This is short book of comforting blessings, written by Joyce Rupp, to help those who are grieving.

My Deepest Me

Janice Lynn Lundy

In the clamor of everyday life, we are distracted from living as our sacred self.

My Name is Ken and I Will be Your Waiter for a Long Long Time

Kenneth Untener

The life and faith of Kenneth E. Untener, bishop of the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, told in his own words.

My Soul Feels Lean

Joyce Rupp

In My Soul Feels Lean, Joyce Rupp offers us a key to the soul’s deep places of loss and restoration.

New Beginnings

Squire Rushnell

Whether you’re starting out or starting over, it’s comforting to know that you’re never alone.

Now That You’ve Gone Home

Mauryeen O’Brien, O.P

Joyce Hutchison and Joyce Rupp take us through the grieving process in both a unique and profound way.

On My First Holy Communion

Angela M. Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Casco

By receiving Jesus often at Mass, you can show Him how much you want Him to be your best friend.

Pillars of Steel

Brian Plachta

This provides a fresh perspective on how men can gain support from each other without compromising their strength.

Pope Francis

Matthew E. Bunson, D. Min

You will get to know this man: a street priest at heart with a deep love for people and a pastor’s touch.

Portable Peace

Janice Lynn Lundy

A week-by-week guide for creating both immediate and long-lasting calm.

Praying Through Cancer

Susan Sorensen , Laura Geist

A collection of stories by women who have faced cancer and found comfort sometimes even joy in the midst of it.

Sensible Shoes

Sharon Garlough Brown

Stories of four diverse women as they are drawn into a spiritual formation journey at a retreat center.

Silver Linings

Maxine Shonk

We must look for the proverbial “silver linings” to give us hope and to keep us moving toward the light.

Soul Sounds

Albert Micah Lewis

Rabbi Albert Lewis has distilled a lifetime of learning, reflection and service into each short essay.

Stories to Warm the Heart (Volume 2)

Dorothy Ederer, OP

A collection of short stories, most are true; many from unknown authors; and some from friends.

Streams of Contentment

Robert J. Wicks

In this self-portrait, Robert J. Wicks reflects on childhood summers spent away from New York on his family’s farm.

Taking Up the Cross

Barbara Reid, OP

The author brings her critical and compassionate eye to the different ways the New Testament describes Jesus’ death.

The Golfer’s Prayer Book

Dorothy Ederer, OP

Dorothy Ederer, OP, captures the spirit of golf and strengthens your faith as you walk down the fairway of life.

The Gospel According to Matthew

Barbara Reid, OP

Reid puts together an unforgettable picture of Jesus, the one who has come to fulfill the law and the prophets.

The Invention of Wings

Sue Monk Kidd

A tale of one motherless daughter’s discovery of what family really means and of wondrous places we find love.

The Joy of the Gospel

Pope Francis

Pope Francis responds to the suggestions of the 2012 Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization.

The Light of Faith

Pope Francis

Pope Francis offers a profound and compelling reflection on humanity’s needs for faith in his first encyclical.

The Look and Find Book of Bible Stories

Marion Thomas

Look for all the best-known characters – all your favorite Bible heroes – living in their own time and place.

The Preaching of Pope Francis

Gregory Heille, OP

Gregory Heille, OP introduces readers to the pope’s preaching and insights.

Unlocking Our Fenced-In Hearts: By Listening to the Voice of Love

Jan Wasco, Molly Keating

Through God’s Word, personal experiences, and the words of others, the authors awaken us to God’s waiting love.

What is God Like?

Cynthia Geisen

This book helps children understand all the ways God can be found in the world around us.

When God Winks on Love

Squire Rushnell

Learn to read the godwinks . . .those remarkable little things that happen to us all.

When God Winks at You

Squire Rushnell

A coincidence–is it chance, is it luck, or is God communicating with you?

Words of Challenge and Hope

Pope Francis

God does not wait for us to go to him, but it is he who moves toward us, without calculation, without quantification.

Your Sorrow is my Sorrow

Joyce Rupp

This relates the Seven Sorrows of Mary to our sufferings, and opens a vast reservoir of courage, strength, and wisdom.

Your Truest Self

Janice Lynne Lundy

Read these wise, rich words and allow them to draw you inward and remind you of your innate wisdom and perfection.