All are welcome to prayer, shared study, and being together.

If faith and spirituality are the roots of Dominican Center programs, then hospitality and inclusivity are the soil that feeds its flourishing.

“Authentic hospitality is about sharing a physical space with great joy, sharing a meal with great generosity, or offering a listening ear with no judgment,” said Margarita Solis-Deal, Director of Dominican Center. “It is accomplished when an interpersonal connection is developed that is both genuine and mutual.”

Since it was established in 1993, Dominican Center has attracted a diverse group of friends and program participants. All are welcome to prayer, shared study, and being together.

“When you are invited to Dominican Center, we invite you on a deeper level,” said Diane Zerfas OP, Spirituality Programs Coordinator at Dominican Center. “This profound welcome is the sharing of our spirit. For generations, the Sisters have prayed, taught, and lived in this space. Joining us for prayer or a program means that we surround you with our prayerful peace and ask God’s blessing to include you.”

Education is central to the Dominican Sisters’ mission — and at Dominican Center Marywood, spirituality is not only practiced but also taught.

In the coming year, Dominican Center will honor the 800th year of the Dominican Order by presenting opportunities to explore spirituality, study, and social justice in the Dominican tradition.

Program participants can explore Saint Dominic as he preached the word of hope in the 13th century. They can follow Saint Catherine of Siena, the beloved model for active contemplation, who heard God call her to walk on two feet to love God and to love her neighbor. They can learn about Fra Angelico who preached through beauty in art. They can have an introduction to Dominicans who called for just treatment of indigenous people and preached truth to power; and to Meister Eckhart and Catherine de Ricci who excelled in the mystical depths of God’s revelation.

“This year, we are especially focusing on the Dominican call to preaching justice and mercy,” said Sister Diane. “But more than that, we hope that people will learn about how we pray, how we preach, how we think, and how we love.”


Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College is a ministry of Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids.