Spiritual Formation

Formed in the Spirit to deepen personal spirituality and expand ministerial possibilities.

Spiritual Formation


We are created with the capacity to seek and to find God. Spirituality is the totality of our reponses to this perceived call of God. Spirituality is integrated into the whole complexity of human life.


  • To increase knowledge of theology, history and literature of the mystics
  • To nurture one’s own faith and to aid in the process of spiritual formation
  • To enter into an active discernment process of the call to spiritual companioning or the ministry of spiritual direction
  • To follow the lead of the Spiritual Mentors — saints, mystics and spiritual teachers of the Christian Tradition — and the invitation of the Dominican Family over the centuries, to receive and soak in the Word of God allowing God the Holy Spirit to bring forth fruits so that all, everyone and everything, is drawn to God through the Holy Preaching

Designed for

Some preparation programs train people for work or ministry by giving them the skills and practices to manage the external realities. Dominican Center at Marywood’s Spiritual Formation Program prepares people with skills and contemplative practices for tending the inner journey.

The program will especially benefit people for whom spiritual guidance or spiritual friendship and companioning are auxiliary or new to their ministry; ministers, pastors, pastoral ministers, pastoral care chaplains, mental health workers, campus ministers, nursing and medical professionals, religious education directors, parish visitation volunteers and R.C.I.A. team members, many of whom have received ministry training but wish to deepen and grow in their interior freedom and oneness with God.