Journey into Silence . . . individually or communally . . . make space for God.

Retreat & Rejoice

Register for an upcoming retreat.

Dominican Center offers a contemplative environment for those desiring retreat. A unique setting for retreat, Dominican Center is a spirituality center in a quiet atmosphere. Whether you are seeking a time to ponder, a time for silence and solitude or a time for reflective study, meditation and prayer, Dominican Center can offer you time during which the ordinary rhythms of life are stilled into the simplicity of a retreat.

During your time apart, you may want to be companioned by a Spiritual Director, who is able to facilitate your discernment — the sorting of your reflections — in a confidential conversation.

Accommodations may include:

  • Peaceful, quiet, contemplative atmosphere
  • Spiritual Direction opportunity — appointments arranged at time of registration
  • Access to Dominican Center and Dominican Chapel Marywood
  • Opportunity for communal prayer with the Dominican Community
  • Quiet reading/reflection room
  • Tranquil campus grounds and safe walking in a quiet residential area
  • Simple, nourishing meals